Washington State Club


Washington State Club- Sun City West




Article 1 - PURPOSE


The purpose of this club is to facilitate the participation of the membership in such as they choose.


Article 2 – MEMBERSHIP (Revised 10/25/18)


Membership in this organization shall be open to those residents of Sun City West, Sun City, Sun City Grand and Corte Bella who have resided at one time in the State of Washington, and their spouses/partners, who have paid dues as prescribed by these by-laws.


Article 3 – DUES (Revised 8/03/17)


The Board of Directors shall establish the dues of this organization.


Article 3-a: Dues shall be paid annually (see Article 4-a).


Article 4 - CALENDAR YEAR (Revised 8/03/17)


The calendar year of the organization shall be from January 1 to December 31 of each year.


Article 4-a: Annual Membership Enrollment period:


Board of Directors will conduct an annual membership enrollment period to begin on October 1st. All annual dues paid during October, November or December will be accredited as full payment for upcoming year.


Article 5 – OFFICERS (Revised 5/10/17)


The officers shall consist of the following:  President, 1st. Vice President, 2nd. Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and shall be elected by a plurality of the membership at a meeting or social event in the month of December. The term in office for each officer shall be for the next appointment to serve out the balance of two (2) calendar years.




The officers, plus the immediate Past President and an appointed social chairperson shall constitute the Board of Directors, which shall be the governing body of the organization/club.




The Board of Directors shell meet on the first Tuesday of each month from October through May, or on dates called at the discretion of the President.


Article 8 -  COMMITTEES


The President shall appoint such committee chairpersons as deemed necessary by the Board to carry out the functions of the club.  The committee chairperson may appoint such committee members as is necessary to carry out the project.  The President shall serve as voting member of each committee.


Article 9 -  RULES OF ORDER


Rules of Order will be Roberts Rules of Order (Revised) unless they conflict with the by-laws of this organization.


Article 10 - ELECTIONS (Revised 5/10/17)


The President shall appoint a nominating committee of three (3) members. The three shall be from among the general membership and shall not include current officers.  They shall seek from the membership, qualified candidates to serve in each position, but no person shall be nominated who has not agreed to serve for two consecutive years in the office for which they are elected. In addition, nominations shall be accepted from the floor at the election meeting, but no nomination shall be made without prior approval from the nominee. A plurality of votes at that meeting shall constitute a valid election.


Article 11 - DISSOLUTION


If the club ceases to exist, or the remaining membership, whose dues are paid-up, votes to terminate the existence of the club, all remaining money in the Treasury will be spent on the last social event. This event will be selected and conducted by the Board of Directors. If such an event cannot be held, the money shall go to a charity selected by the Board of Directors.




These by-laws may be amended by vote of a majority of The Board of Directors at any regular called meeting.


Article 13 - ELECTIONS (Revised 8/03/17)


At the end of the completion of their two-calendar year term:

President will move to a voting member of the Board of Directors*

1st. Vice President will move to office of President*

2nd. Vice President will move to the office of 1st. Vice President*

A new 2nd. Vice President will be elected.

Secretary and Treasurer positions are ongoing, until officer voluntarily steps down or is removed by a unanimous vote of the board.


In the event any officer is unable to complete their terms of office due to:

  - Health

  - Personal circumstances

  - Removed by a unanimous vote of the board.


The Board of Directors will appoint a person to fill the open position until the next Annual General Meeting.

A special nominating committee of one (1) Board officer and two (2) general members will submit names of new candidates for a special election to be held at the next Annual General Meeting.


*  Any one of the officers not choosing to progress to the next office may decline.


** Following a two-calendar year term as board member, the Past President will complete their time as an officer and board member, and will again be eligible to run for or serve in an open position.



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