Janet Eriksson

 ( 206-999-8379 )


Chief officer entrusted with the direction and administration of  The Washington State Club in accordance with club by-laws.




-  Set date and time for all Board of Directors meetings.

-  Appoint the Social Chairperson ( Social Director ) and all Committee Chairpersons as deemed necessary by the board to carry out

    the functions of the Club.

-  Preside over Board of Directors meetings and the annual business meeting, based on the revised Roberts Rules of Order.

-  Assign and direct duties of officers and chairpersons.

-  Serve as a voting member of each committee.



Past- President:

Rob Balzarini

( 206-817-7177 )


To serve on the board in an advisory position.


1st Vice President:

 Mark Beaudry

 ( 253-740-5596 )



-  To fulfill the responsibilities of the President if he/she is unable to complete them.

-  Take charge of the Washington State Club storage room and inventory. Control entrance card and key.

-  Prepare a detailed inventory list of all contents in the club storage rooms. Keep inventory list current and available for each Board

   of Directors meetings.

-  Provide supplies as requested by the Social Director and deliver supplies to the requested locations.

-  Return all unused supplies from the activity or social event, and all new purchased supplies to the storage room, updating inventory

   list accordingly.




-  To serve as membership chairman and monitor the membership drive, renewal and roster.

-  In charge of Communications and Publicity.

-  Work with the Social Director and prepare newsworthy articles containing a brief description of scheduled Club events for

   publication in local newspapers.







2nd. Vice Preident

Greg Exelby

( 360-201-3771)



 Officer entrusted to keep records of Directors’ meetings and annual business meetings.




-  Take and record minutes of each Board of Directors meetings and at the Annual Business meeting.

-  Provide a written report of the minutes of the last meeting for Board approval at each Board of Directors Meeting and at the annual

   business  meeting.




Officer entrusted with the receipts, care, and disbursement of Club funds.




-  To work with the 2nd VP in maintaining a current membership roster and to provide a monthly update to the Washington Club’s

    WebMaster for distribution on the Washington Club’s website.

-  Control of Club checking account.  /  Receive and deposit all checks.  /  Write all checks for expenses which have been approved by

   the Board of Directors.

 -  Present a complete financial report at each Board of Directors meeting and the annual business meeting.

-  Secure a yearly independent audit  ( Auditor to be approved by the President ) of the Washington State Club finances and submit for

    approval by President and Board of the Directors.

-  Prepare a current membership directory each year and have printed and issued as a part of the Club’s MONTHLY newsletter.




Social Director:

Tanna DeVisscher

( 360-220-1222 )




-  Provide a preliminary list and schedule of recommended social activities for the new year for discussion and approval by the Board of


-  Provide a summary of each upcoming event as required, detailing the estimated attendance and price to be charged based on the

    estimated club cost. Obtain the Board of Directors approval.

-  Report status of all upcoming events at each Board of Directors meetings.

-  Prepare articles for publication in the club’s newsletter and SCW Rec Center monthly publication.

-  Make all arrangements as required to accomplish each social event.

-  Purchase all supplies required, requesting checks as necessary from Club Treasurer.

-  Direct all social events.




Greg Exelby

( 360-201-3771 )

Communications Director:

Donna McCallum:

( 360-590-4588 )


Kathy Brown

( 360-789-8360 )



- Serves as the Club's primary contact for communications.

- Works with the Social director to develop news articles, website updates and promotional emails.

- Distributes emails to the membership, articles to local news media and updates to webmaster.

- Maintains a communication data base list of current members and another list of current and past members for promotional purposes. - Serves as a voting member of the Washington State Club Board of Directors.

- Serves as the club's primary contact for communications.



 -  Make needed changes / updates to Website

 -  Provide social media direction and recommendations to the board to assure the Washington State Club is provided up-to-date

    technology to maximize communication with membership.



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