Washington State Club


Janet Eriksson

 ( 206-999-8379 )



Chief officer entrusted with the direction and administration of  The Washington State Club in accordance with club by-laws.




-  Set date and time for all Board of Directors meetings.

-  Appoint the Social Chairperson ( Social Director ) and all Committee Chairpersons as deemed necessary by the board to carry out

    the functions of the Club.

-  Preside over Board of Directors meetings and the annual business meeting, based on the revised Roberts Rules of Order.

-  Assign and direct duties of officers and chairpersons.

-  Serve as a voting member of each committee.



Past- President:

Rob Balzarini

( 206-817-7177 )



To serve on the board in an advisory position.


1st Vice President:

Ruthie Winterholler






-  To fulfill the responsibilities of the President if he/she is unable to complete them.

-  Take charge of the Washington State Club storage room and inventory. Control entrance card and key.

-  Prepare a detailed inventory list of all contents in the club storage rooms. Keep inventory list current and available for each Board

   of Directors meetings.

-  Provide supplies as requested by the Social Director and deliver supplies to the requested locations.

-  Return all unused supplies from the activity or social event, and all new purchased supplies to the storage room, updating inventory

   list accordingly.




-  To serve as membership chairman and monitor the membership drive, renewal and roster.

-  In charge of Communications and Publicity.

-  Work with the Social Director and prepare newsworthy articles containing a brief description of scheduled Club events for

   publication in local newspapers.







2nd. Vice Preident

Greg Exelby




Jean Gronowick

 ( 623-556-9250 )


 Officer entrusted to keep records of Directors’ meetings and annual business meetings.




-  Take and record minutes of each Board of Directors meetings and at the Annual Business meeting.

-  Provide a written report of the minutes of the last meeting for Board approval at each Board of Directors Meeting and at the annual

   business  meeting.





Gary Quinlan

 ( 775-741-7752 )



Officer entrusted with the receipts, care, and disbursement of Club funds.




-  To work with the 2nd VP in maintaining a current membership roster and to provide a monthly update to the Washington Club’s

    WebMaster for distribution on the Washington Club’s website.

-  Control of Club checking account.  /  Receive and deposit all checks.  /  Write all checks for expenses which have been approved by

   the Board of Directors.

 -  Present a complete financial report at each Board of Directors meeting and the annual business meeting.

-  Secure a yearly independent audit  ( Auditor to be approved by the President ) of the Washington State Club finances and submit for

    approval by President and Board of the Directors.

-  Prepare a current membership directory each year and have printed and issued as a part of the Club’s MONTHLY newsletter.




Social Director:  / Social Chairperson:

Tanna DeVisscher






-  Provide a preliminary list and schedule of recommended social activities for the new year for discussion and approval by the Board of


-  Provide a summary of each upcoming event as required, detailing the estimated attendance and price to be charged based on the

    estimated club cost. Obtain the Board of Directors approval.

-  Report status of all upcoming events at each Board of Directors meetings.

-  Prepare articles for publication in the club’s newsletter and SCW Rec Center monthly publication.

-  Make all arrangements as required to accomplish each social event.

-  Purchase all supplies required, requesting checks as necessary from Club Treasurer.

-  Direct all social events.




Greg Exelby

( 360-201-3771 )




*Assistant Social Director:

Donna McCallum:





 -  Make needed changes / updates to Website

 -  Provide social media direction and recommendations to the board to assure the Washington State Club is provided up-to-date

    technology to maximize communication with membership.



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